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Whoops.. still no photopost of the trip yet

Ah well. All in good time. Still, last night kissycat1000 and I finished off the server cupboard and rerouted all the network cables. It works! It works! It's alive! (er.. perhaps not). Apparently Jordan tried to get in it to shut his computer down (he saw us putting the computers in the cupboard and normally presses the power button) but was rather confused when it wouldn't open. After kissycat1000 stopped laughing she showed him the 'proper' way to shut down.

Okay, it's a cupboard. The point is this has been a labour of love for the last X weeks or so and it's finally functionally finished. It has an air intake vent at the bottom left on the front and an exhaust vent with fan at the back on the top right of the cupboard. The doors lock as you'd expect a cupboard to and all the cables, plugs etc are away from him - no more pulling out the power on whatever he chooses (you should have seen the gaffer tape monstrosity we tried and failed with before).

The network cables need more tidying up, the whole desk needs decorating (kissycat1000 did I mention that in the bits on the top of the desk there was a box with sawdust in it for you to mix with the glue to fill the screwholes. It might need *ahem* filtering first though :/) but it's there.

This paves the way for many home improvements kissycat1000 has been waiting for so I'm dead chuffed and relieved it's there and working :)

kissycat1000 wasn't feeling great last night unfortunately but I was quietly (or.. not) pleased with the way the home theatre in my place is coming along - nice sound, easy to use HTPC for films etc. It's shaping up! It's only taken a few years.. :/

Tonight I finish work early at 4pm and have to brave the crowds for the last bit of Christmas shopping. I'm not looking forwards to it one bit. However after that fiendster should be coming over to watch some Kung Fu type films with me. Beer, violence and good company - just what I need to relax with after fear, violence and crushing crowds..

Then the next two days are half days for me; Thursday afternoon we're all going for an 'illuminated walk' at Westonbirt Arboretum, then Friday afternoon we're all going bowling at the rebuilt Megabowl (I think it's called tenpin now). Oh yes, then it's Christmas day.

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