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Trip update to come; in the mean time this weekend!

So far this weekend I have been fairly productive. I got Tianna to hoover my house for pocket money, did my washing up, got my new tax disc, paid for my speakers and collected the boxes (did I mention I paid for my speakers? The Spendor S9s? S9s+++), put various spare bits in the loft and got the last bit for the cupboard we've been making for Jordan. Tianna disappeared off with her Nan for the day. burneybannerman turned up shortly afterwards to collect his table and chairs I'd borrowed ages ago and was subjected to hifi. fiendster and squeeza were collared and they materialised along with a couple of cute kids who were put to bed while we chatted, drank, ate spaghetti bolognaise in front of them and played Munchkin with them. Another date with fiendster has been secured for Wednesday for watching Kung Fu style movies. They've gone home and burneybannerman has retired to bed..

I'm hoping I've fixed an annoying problem that has seemed to have just developed with my laptop where the function key seems to have a loose/short circuit, rendering half of my keys inoperative when it decides it's depressed.

A small discovery when burneybannerman and I were rearranging furniture around revealed some naughtiness on Tianna's part which will be pointed out in no uncertain terms tomorrow morning.

I hope to fit the remaining pieces to the cupboard tomorrow morning without screwing them on so it's ready for painting. Then it'll be off to the pub (presumably the Barclay) in Bristol with the kids for the fun and drama of the pub lunch on Sunday.

Sorry to have missed the Dev outing with kissycat1000, ev1ldonut, wechsler et al - that sounded like fun. I can't believe no one took a camera along! How remiss!

Sociable yet productive weekends++ :)

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