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My dream this morning...

Well it wasn't as ceremonious a wake-up as purrthecat received when she stayed here when kissycat1000 woke me up this morning but it did interrupt my dream I was having, which means I can actually remember it, so here it is:

I drempt I was listening to some music with some people somewhere. This bit is hazy because I can't really remember how it came about or who the people were.. this must have occured while I was still deeply asleep or something.

Anyway I changed the music and this time there was images going along with the music too.. a motorcyclist on what looked like a dirt bike with road tires on slaloming down some dirt tracks... then it jumped through the air and there was some iron bars and a ship in the picture, and the bike shot it's machine gun and I realised the music was from a James Bond film and it was in fact Jaws riding the bike. I felt like I was observing all this, not actually taking part, so I didn't feel scared or anything. Although I must admit Jaws from the Bond films scared me when I was younger.

And then I woke up...

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