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Speaker review - part somethingorother (I have no other life)

Now I have some Dynaudio Audience 122s. Well balanced sound - more solid than the Spendor S6s, which I now consider to be quite finicky. They take a long while to run in apparently, and are currently lacking bass. I'm very seriously thinking about getting these (£550 for the pair) as a surround sound pack - fronts, rears and center for ~£1000. If I did that then I'll need a surround sound amp, which Audio T just happen to be doing the Arcam AVR200 and DV89 that we so liked at the Bristol Sound and Vision show for half price - again ~£1000 for both the amp and DVD/CD player.

My problem is that I don't know if I want to pay an extra £500 for the DVD/CD player (Audio T have an AVR200 second hand for £500) when I will most likely be using my computer for it through a VGA projector. Ah well I'll work that out eventually.

So, ~£2000 on hifi/AV which I can pay back by not having any new toys for 10 months while I repay my high-interest account £200 a month. I'll probably do it.

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