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Speaker review - part 8 (shoot me now)

kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut were kind enough to return the Castles and the Tannoys and bring home the Spendor S6s (link to a vendor's page; shows newer S6e's). They sounded nice at her place - although they've not been fully run-in yet; the bass is lacking but they will get better and better..

I brought them back to mine and plugged them in. I realised I wasn't changing tracks on my Tester CD. I wanted to call dylan so he could hear how they sounded. They are the first pair of speakers to make me well up when I heard Horses/Beauty Queen from Tori Amos' album Boys for Pele.

Suffice to say I like them a lot - they're really easy to listen to, yet convey detail and airiness very easily and lightly.

Argh Argh Argh. I don't want to spend £650 on speakers - but they are just the best thing I've listened to! I'm tempted to just order the Tannoy Sensys 2's for £275 - they're less than half the price of these things. And evil kissycat1000 is tempting me to try the S9s which should have the depth I crave but retain the musical aptitude of these ones - for the princely sum of ~£1200. *choke*.

I may do due diligence and return these (or give them to kissycat1000 as that seems more probable at this time) to try some others first. Or just buy the Spendor Sensys 2s.. mmf.

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