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Speaker review - part 7 (okay this is starting to get ridiculous)

I've seen that Tannoy do a lower version, the Tannoy Sensys 2 without the 'super tweeter' but it also doesn't have the concentric driver, and from the specs and my gut feeling, I have a horrible feeling it will lack not only the detail and airiness of the DC2s but the presence and authority with the bass.

My other issue is that I can purchase either of the Tannoys for about 33% less online.

dylan recommends trying some Spendors, so we might have to try that.

In other (real life) news: I managed to miss giving bex_sgs a quick hug on her way back to uni on the train by about 30 seconds. Damn. Sorry. :(

[EDIT:] On searching again I can't find a much better price for the DC2s - just the plain 2s. I will try them out again at mine now and if any harshness is livable with I will have them. dylan - fear not, they were not as harsh at mine as they were at kissycat1000's.

[EDIT2:] Pain. Can't buy the DC2s. Still tempted by the plain 2s, but overall less impressed with the rest of the package than I remember. Will try Spendors, and maybe the Dynaudios (again) - Audio T are doing a surround sound pack of Dynaudios for just over a grand.

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