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Whoa :)

In work now.. spent last night at kissycat1000's helping her move all the contents of her kitchen upstairs basically. Well she held off Jordan and attempted to help when she could bless her.. I don't think she would have managed by herself.

This got me thinking.. yeah yeah warning I hear you say (or less polite things :p) I think that friendships in general have progressively become more shallow and the majority of them seem to be just 'fair weather friends'.

This got started because kissycat1000 originally thought it was too much to ask. I replied that any friend would help.. but then when I thought about it actually no they wouldn't.

I blame today's fickle society and the ease of meeting new people, for the sheer number of people, for the only real local meeting venue being the pub, which is an inappropriate place for any but the younger to meet. I think it's interesting to see how things change society without people realising it.

So this got me wanting to be a part of a community that help each other.. you must have seen the tv programs - the housing community who each help building each other's houses for example. A great way to form lasting bonds with people close to you and form a close-knit community.

Ah well instead I resort to finding like-minded people through the new communication mediums afforded to us by our individualist society... anyone see the irony? *grin*

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