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Speaker review - part 4

Bugger. The butt-ugly Naim Intros sound really quite pleasent in my setup - a good more natural sounding balance, without being overly harsh or lacking. They show the amp more - the clean sound with reasonable stereo imagery I know it produces.. and the splashy treble. They don't have as much obvious presence as the Castles but the balance of sound is better on the whole.

I could listen to the Castles and not notice their lacking in some areas but I'm acutely aware I can do better now. It's just a shame they are so damn butt-ugly, and lack the presence of the Castles..

So. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to bite the bullet and see what's around for the £500 mark. It just doesn't make sense to get something I know is lacking.

kissycat1000 has just borrowed some £500 KEF Reference IIs (I believe). Have to see how they sound. kissycat1000, would it be OK to swing via yours on the way home to pick up the Castles, otherwise I'm going to be speakerless this evening :(

Oh, and as a side note, I missed a couple of steps on the way down in the shop with one of the KEFs and landed heavily on my knees. Of course the KEF was fine as I resisted the urge to throw it down the stairs, but my right knee in particular hurts and is all hot :(

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