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The modern antidote to depression: consumerism

So I thought I'd give it a try, just to ward off any would-be depression. I seem to have purchased not just one pair but two pairs of speakers (a long, long overdue purchase some of you might argue).

Couldn't face real hi-fi shop prices, so the upper end of Richer Sounds it was: a pair of TDL Studio 10s and a pair of Mordaunt Short 914s. Ordinarily I would have shied away from the TDLs but they're reduced from £400 so I wanted to try them both in case I was missing a trick. The 914s are actually a light wood finish and the shop demo ones as they didn't have any in stock; I'll return/swap them for new black ones when I decide.

Anyway, they're sitting at home waiting for me to play with them this evening with kissycat1000.

Feeling a bit run down.

This link artistic/interactive in an urban-decay kind of way, of appeal to ev1ldonut etc, cadged from gerald_duck's post with other interesting links here.

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