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Computers and bikes

Wow... why does everything good and fun have to be so stressful? Bikes.. computers.. actually there is one important exception to all this. I've never been with a more wonderful, understanding, kind and loving person as kissycat1000 *kiss*.

(oh boy pass the sick bags *grin*)

Well last night I spent ages trying to get the server computer back up and working as it was. It was then I realised that when the power supply went it took the last remaining good ISA slot on the motherboard with it - so I will either have to get a PCI network card (if there are any good PCI slots left) or change motherboards *sigh*.

This was all done while I was wholly knackered and recovering from the weekend, and I fell asleep during the evening. This of course upset my sleeping patterns and I am completely knackered today *sigh*.

So we are currently using 1 computer to share the internet connection and another computer for all the files. Never mind. I'll sort it out when I can be bothered. I've just had enough of sorting out sodding computers for a while *laff*.

The bike thing. Got a letter from the insurance company again today flatly stating they were not going to consider an increase in offer, so I wrote back to them stating they had no justification and proving that the £2000 I had asked for was more than reasonable. I offered them this last chance before I consider legal action. Well we'll see. I expect I'll try the ombudsman or some sort of governing body first. I might have to accept their offer though which is galling to say the least.

The project sounds on even shakier ground now as apparently there is a damning report written by senior management.. so it looks like I might have all my decisions made for me.

On with life I think.

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