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Another mad weekend

Well this time I went up to Nottingham to meet up with a whole bunch of people I'd never actually met before. The connection was that the guy who was organising it (dob - James) worked with a friend of mine who I socialised with in Bath when I was there as a student at Bath Uni.

On the way up I dropped in on kissycat1000... apparently she hadn't told Rob about this so there was a moment of amusement as Rob caught up with what was going on *laff*. Had a quick cup of tea and left almost before I'd arrived, as I was on my way to the main event.

Got there, connected up my server computer and BANG! There was a big flash and smoke and my power supply blew up! Somehow the 110-230v selector switch on the back of the power supply got knocked in transport... damn! That was a 70 quid dual fan Enermax 330W power supply suitable for a server! Well I realised it was really easy to do on that power supply, so I'll be checking that from now on. In the mean time I'm going to send it back and try and get a new one.

I had fun and games borrowing a power supply from dob and trying to resurrect the thing.. think I blew the PCI slot the network card was in as I couldn't get it working until I moved the network card to a new slot. Luckily nothing else was too damaged I think (including the 440GBs worth of HDDs in there!) But anyway after that upset and as it was 11:30pm on the Friday before I'd managed to get everything set up I decided to have a few drinks and proceeded to drink most of their beer *grin*.

Anyway they were a good bunch - there's another LAN planned sometime in Cambridge, so I might make it to that - we'll see. Played loads of games, got to sleep about 4am on the Saturday morning, woke up at 7am and carried on. Failed to buy a power supply from the local shop so determined to borrow dob's for the rest of the weekend and use my spare one when I got home. Ate loads of really bad junk and slept not very much.

Kerry, my ex, called me late on Saturday night.. she was drunk but really wanted to make plans for the holiday to China. Despite my trying to put her off she talked about it and I also spoke to her good friend Alison who was with her... the next morning I got a few apologetic text messages from her asking me something I couldn't really make out.. I couldn't really do much with the phone as it was just about out of batteries anyway.

Got up on the Sunday at 9am and played some more, ate the leftover chinese from the night before (heh heh grim I know but very symbolic of the weekend). Decided I should pack up about 2pm as I had loads to do when I got back.. plus I was going to be dropping in on kissycat1000 again and letting her copy loads of stuff off my server as I had it with me.

However that didn't quite go according to plan.. heh heh. Nothing ever does, especially where kissycat1000's involved *grin*. Anyway I ended up breaking her computer and going to 'work' *ahem* with her *grin*. I can't believe I missed the party she went to! That sounded like SO much fun! Ah well I'll make up for it I'm sure.. it's definitely BBQ weather and party time :)

Anyway got back really late after an accident on the M5 *sigh* and crashed before setting up all my computers. No way, not last night lol.

Today I have been in and caught up with Ric, my work colleague from Orange, who has been away in America for the last week visiting his new grandson. Had a very frank conversation with him in the pub at lunchtime about various matters and generally caught up. I greatly enjoy his company - he's a really good friend :)

I also played the bloke from the one-handed pool playing team, who I've now learned are Rich and Fran. Talking of which are you coming shopping tomorrow kissycat1000? I actually lost again because the black went down too early.. but we played on and I beat him. Bah I will play him properly and win! Rah!

Going home tonight to sort out the mess of computers all over the house. Ric might come back too as he has finally got his hands on a 120GB external firewire HDD drive which he wants to fill up. He only got back late last night so might be incredibly jet-lagged... we'll see.

Damn the weather has been nice recently! I'm so tempted to get a loan out and buy myself a bike again.. I'm SO missing it! I will not miss the summer's riding at any rate.

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