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Updatey thing.

Well this weekend has been lovely interspersed with averting disaster and fixing cars (which was mercifully quick, cheap and easy). We mostly just rebooted the disaster and watched it fall over again in 2-3 hours. This has not done wonders for my sleeping patterns or my work colleagues', as this server is the main one the company earns its money from. It's not a hardware problem, and we're buggered if we know what's causing it to fall over. I fear it's been compromised in some way, hopefully by a virus (rather than by another person). The symptom is complete lock-up - network and console, with nothing in any logs to indicate the problem.

It couldn't have come at a better time either - we're in the middle of moving to a new site.

Anyway it was lovely to meet new people. Party looking like middle November.

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