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Aaah computers computers computers.. *sigh*

Had an amusing 'conversation' with kissycat1000, about deciding the best way to set up her PC so she can do all she wants to do on it. She's been plagued by strange goings-on and incompatibilities and has had to reformat and start afresh a number of times because she just wasn't happy with the way things were working (or not as the case may be).

Finally I think she's going to listen to me and install on one partition..

Anyway enough of that. I dragged myself into work this morning feeling still a bit grotty from yesterday.. just feel run down and as if I'm trying to fight off some bug or other.

Tonight I'm going up to Nottingham for the weekend to meet some complete strangers, swap software and play games :)

I won't come and visit you this time purrthecat, but I will certainly try and hook up with you later this month (Sun 21 - Tue 23) when I meet up with Kerry in Nottingham :) Take us to your favourite clubs if they're on then :)

AAARGH! She's gone back to wanting 2 partitions again! It's almost like banging my head against a wall.. which would be nice when it stopped.. maybe that should be IF.. *grin*

Anyway I didn't have a chance to make this post before I went to the pub for lunch.. Fridays... what a drag *grin*.

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