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I learned something today that really threw me. Someone I met briefly a long time ago I met again recently, again briefly, and for the second time unknowingly managed to really upset him in exactly the same way. Rather like Arthur Dent unknowingly killing the many reincarnations of Agrajag in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Almost as funny, but not. And it was also not funny because it brought back so many memories and my god isn't this a small world?! And also really good, in a bad kind of way. I remember receiving similar headfucks from others ages ago, and now I learn I was on the giving end at times and I had no idea. Mindfuck.

So. That was weird. A bastardisation of a recent comment to ev1ldonut's post would seem to be appropriate here: Aah, the azekeil school of charm. Or: making up for talent with enthusiasm and a large hammer wherever possible.

Aside: This site is very cool, if a little uneducated at present.

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