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Okay, that was weird..

I just started to type an entry title starting with an "i", and my auto-complete came up with "Is he still going on about his bloody party?". Someone must have made an entry on my laptop, presumably about my party.. how weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to record that I had a thought about how dope affects your mind. It makes all your brain's synapses more receptive. This has both good and bad connotations; you'll think of things you don't normally think of (the brain making more sensitive connections - neurons being triggered more by electrical impulses from other neurons); you'll be thinking more things. Your reflexes slow down because your mind is not used to processing so much at once. Your senses heighten as a result of your more receptive neurons. Relaxation is another effect of the drug.

Fuck it's taken me hours to post this thing. gavzilla is here. These things are not necessarily linked, but if you believe that you'll believe anything.

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