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Bike trip, part 2

So, after I got back from the Exmouth trip I spent a nice afternoon/evening relaxing, catching up and posting photos. I've only just got hold of dylan's photos that he took while we were there and as he's going on holiday I thought I'd take a few choice ones to put up here. My editing skills don't really do them justice; plus I'm just plain lazy when it comes to that. Anyway, here they are:

A lovely cream tea at Castle Drogo

The beast emerges from.. under his helmet

Bexie looking somewhat like Michaela Strachan

You too can have a pocket-size Bex! So cute!

Hah! It was easy to climb...

Actually it was quite hard work..

Thankfully I recovered enough to take some photos

Bex tells the weary Azekeil she's broken her computer again..

On Wednesday we had a mini-BBQ, where kissycat1000 Tianna and Jordan, ev1ldonut, dylan and bex_sgs were present and ate lots of lovely dead meat.

Thursday morning dylan and myself headed up the A46 to Leicester and then on to Oakham. A lovely ride. We managed to avoid the police speed-trap (I think) and were doing a sensible speed when we passed the police car and two police bikers sitting waiting to chase idiots. So that was good then.

Arrived a little later than planned at daemongirl's place. Went in and had a cup of tea and said hello to Pixie before toddling off to get some food. Food grabbed and we went to a park where dylan bothered a pair of mating ladybirds. Of the numerous shots he took, this one turned out the best:

"Cor just leave us alone you insect botherer!"

Dylan watches the busy pair..

.. and then takes a nap.

Daemongirl looks bemused..

..and so she should with a label like that!

We called whotheheckami who had spotted our bikes parked up in Oakham earlier and had just walked back in through his front door, so we descended (at speed) on Chez Who. I brought out Munchkin again (much to dylan's dismay) and managed to get this shot of whotheheckami in the middle of the game:

Whotheheckami contemplates his next move

We ate and played and had fun, Pixie showed up as well and went off again. the_mendicant showed up too later after she'd got the van unstuck from the mud. daemongirl had fun, and bounced, and wrote her day up here.

We were supposed to be going to gerald_duck's later that evening for hi-fi geekery but he wasn't feeling well at all so we postponed and didn't get the message that he was feeling better the next day until we were already well on the way back, as gerald_duck explains here.

Then it was much later. dylan wasn't aware how much he'd been affected by others' activities earlier and after taking daemongirl home proceeded to make his invisible bed. It was so invisible he had to make it behind his fortress of cushions..

"Hah! You can't see it now! I can't and my eyes are as big as saucers!!"

"Well, I've made my bed but I think there's something lacking.. if you don't count my strange second pair of eyes I seem to have collected.."

A wonderful time with lovely people. *hugs you all* :)

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