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Trip to Exmouth

We had an uneventful journey down. Just after we got off the motorway we took a quick pit-stop to allow dylan to change out of his noddy suit and I took this picture of my fully-laden bike in the light of the setting sun:

That evening went out to a local pub for some food and a natter and catch-up, which was lovely. The next photo I took was in the morning; the view out of bex_sgs's window (or as near as damnit - it was actually out of the room next door's window:

We set off shortly afterwards on this glorious day for Dartmoor. On the way I detoured us to 'Castle Drogo', following some signs I saw on the spur of the moment. Getting sidetracked again, we stopped by a lovely picturesque bridge and stream:

It should be noted that it was actually really quite busy with people; that shot just happened to have not many people in it. bex_sgs then sat down holding her helmet looking very cute:

bex_sgs took to biking like a duck to water:

"Not so fast bex!"

Dartmoor roads are a biker's dream:

- except for the animals that blithely wander across. Hence Dartmoor's 40mph limit. Eventually we made it to Castle Drago, where I had a cream tea (of course). Some more nattering and playing around with cameras:

We travelled to Sheepstor but stopped on the way on a long bridge spanning the narrow section of a lake and took some more photos:

Bex the glamour biker chick

We finally climbed Sheepstor (god I'm unfit) and relaxed (or tried not to have a heart attack in my case) and took some photos (after an hour or so):

We retired to another pub for another nice meal and natter. We then got to meet Tim and JC who popped along in the middle of their visit to Dartmoor. On the way back it was very dark and we very nearly ran out of fuel which was a bit of an adventure (one I think dylan would rather not have had) but we made it home in one piece, where I then fixed bex_sgs's computer. All frogs have been banished and it is now also able to play movies (you must post about that as soon as you've watched it bex_sgs!). Bed, up in the morning and back home again. I think her parents recovered well from the shock of unexpectedly putting up two dirty great biker friends of their daughter's.. :)

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