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No rest for the wicked ;)

Last night blaadyblah and gashinryu descended on my place with kids to visit kissycat1000 and myself. They'd already had a packed day before they arrived at my house. Much fun was had - bad and wrong Rainbow episodes and far too many vices. Ouch my poor abused body. Dragged it out of bed for what turned out to be a rather successful day at work; with some help I saved the company another few thousand. The iron is starting to look really quite hot now. Soon I shall ask for a payrise.

Got home and crashed out on my sofa for a few hours. Woke up and organised my week off next week biking around with dylan to visit bex_sgs, daemongirl and gerald_duck :)

Party this weekend, a slightly smaller affair (possibly) but it will be the first time my step-brother olsw has seen my house. Looking forwards to that :)

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