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Not such a good day :(

I woke up and just didn't feel like getting up. I had a nice long uninterrupted night's sleep but for some reason I don't feel very rested at all.

In work, I have been worrying about how to approach my boss for a pay rise. I was buoyed to discover (while the website was working) that unix admins get paid just over 30k in my area. I'm hoping to include that in my justification for a rise.

Later on, I went to swap my monitor out with the finance director's - this was all pre-arranged and authorised, but the IT administrator, Jenny, asked what was going on. This was all well and good but she was on the phone and I was stood there holding the monitor I use to do my work on. It took her a good 10 mins to finish with the phone call during which time I'd attempted to leave anyway but been called back. We both fought to keep our tempers under control and eventually it was resolved, but not before some 'flaws' were pointed out to each other. It's OK now. We discussed it like adults; I pointed out how frustrating it was to appear to be treated differently from others in my department (most of whom have larger monitors, cd burners and machines capable of displaying on multiple monitors) and have to negotiate swaps with other members of staff to get this equipment.

Luckily it's a close-knit team and we've both made concessions and are attempting (fairly well) to smooth things over.

So anyway basically I'm having a pooey day and I wanted to write it all down.

I need to get this negotiation for a pay rise out of the way; it's stressing me out and that's not good for anyone.

Still, nice lot of Doom3 last night - nice and loud because the neighbours are on holiday for two weeks.

Looking forwards to tomorrow when hopefully my new graphics card will arrive :)

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