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This is the entry I said I was going to make and let bex_sgs know about. It was going to be about how it was lovely at the party to be reminded of what socialising with friends felt like and how I hoped it had been a turning point for me to get out of this hermitage I've sort of made for myself.

I'm not what most people would think of as a social creature; I do definitely need some time away from others to 'recharge'. Even so, I do definitely need social interaction with friends to keep me sane.

When I was living with chocojon my social life was handed to me on a plate. Literally, people would come around and I could socialise with them by going downstairs, or not and stay in my room if I chose. Moving up to Cheltenham I knew was going to be harder for me. I've not done too badly but I still find my life is very busy and I just don't have time to go out and socialise, or find I don't want to, or make the effort to. I'm not quite sure which of those it is; maybe it's a bit of all of them.

I think I've been concentrating on my new job, which is nice but I'm not quite getting the recognition I want just yet. I know I was hired to do one job and I've sort of gone a little sideways to do another but I'm getting pissed off being expected to do things like laptop and desktop builds which takes me away from the more skilled work I'd much rather be doing. I know it's a small company mentality but I think I need to start showing I have a little weight to throw around and command some respect. A fine line to tread.

Anyway, that wasn't really what this post was going to be about, but those have been my recent thoughts.

Another thought along the same lines is that I've met people who seem to focus on who they are and their job comes second; it's just something to support who they are. I know I place a good deal of importance in my job; to me it's a career and it's enjoyable and I can advance if I do things right. But I do realise I'm concentrating on it to the expense of who I am - the typical soul-draining experience anyone a little alternative experiences in the 9-5 drudgery.

I tend to be one of these people who can only work on one thing at once which has been detrimental to my relationship with kissycat1000 at times. I've calmed down on the job front now which has meant things have improved for kissycat1000 and I but I think I need to push a little more until I'm happier with where I'm at job-wise and then look to find a more regular social life.

I think that's quite enough blithering for now.

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