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The party

The BBQ early on...

the_mendicant, sarah_mum and whotheheckami

The sunset was beautiful, so we started to file out to the park at the back of my house.

A collection of more people: blaadyblah, gashinryu, ghostpaw, barty(?), zeke_hubris(?) behind flannelcat, dylan, bex_sgs and spyder

Could this man be any more camp??

Distorted image of flannelcat, but I kept it for the amusing cartoon-style muscle-man image..

flannelcat does two things at once

bex_sgs puts her hair (and life) in the hands of flannelcat

The giant flannelcat dominates the landscape, striking fear and terror into the hearts of his foes.. or well mainly just a chav on a scooter attempting to pull wheelies in the park.. *sigh*

Evil incarnate..

Icons? FireAngel and Rain of Fire.

These images were taken by me but kissycat1000 had a good hand in picking them out and helping me prepare them.

If you weren't there - sorry you missed it. Unofficially (at the moment) there may well be another one - date TBA.

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