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That's better

It's 10:45pm and I've only just sat down. I have loads to do - so much in fact I made a rudimentary schedule:

Tue Morn: Pick up last parts for BBQ
Tue Eve : Bike: replace rear brake pads
Wed Morn: Bike in for MOT retest, Shop
Wed Eve : Tidy/hoover
Thu Morn: Bike back from MOT - Tax Disc, Shop
Thu Eve : At kissycat1000's
Fri Morn: At work!
Fri Eve : (Babysit) Mow lawn/finish garden and build BBQ
Sat Morn: (Jordan to kissycat1000's for Rob) Buy BBQ food, coals and beer

This has all been made possible because kissycat1000 has bought hoover bags and a drive belt for my ancient hoover, BBQ coals and found a cheap pressure washer. Not only that but I managed to wax and adjust the chain on my bike as well. Marvellous!

Just as well I'm ahead of schedule as I'd forgotten I wouldn't have a Friday morning..

The other good thing is I found out what the problem was at work with the looping emails.. and bonus, it wasn't to do with anything I'd done - it was just that I could now see what was going on after I'd put my stuff in place whereas I couldn't before..

Hrm. I really need a shower before I go to bed..

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