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Insurance companies should be shot!

Grrrr! Oooh they just rattle my cage. The saga continues...

I buy my bike for £1995 and insure it for £2000
It gets stolen 2 months later
Insurance offer me £1600
I complain, I want £2000
They offer me £1650 (hah!) and 'proof' it's only worth that
So today I write back with 'proof' it's worth £2450 and copy the letter to my 'solicitors' - I still want £2000...

Don't forget they take off £300 excess anyway.. and besides I had to spend a year's worth of insurance (£600).. and I'll have to reinsure myself again (with a theft claim) for a year when I get a new bike, so I'm just very very broke and pissed off.

Aaaanyway, Ric, my partner in crime at Orange is back over in America at the moment, and his son's partner has just given birth to a boy, making him a Granddad! Wooh! Congratulations Ric :) Now just remember what I said.. don't try and teach him shell scripting until he's at least 2 weeks old!

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