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The weekend that was

This weekend ev1ldonut looked after Tianna for us while fuckwit had Jordan. This was 'our weekend' that we'd marked down for a while, but typical me I'd not actually managed to plan something. I hate having to plan something when it's really important and it's not actually my needs I need to cater for. Ah well, women will be women. So we made it up as we went along (drove her batty let me tell you).

Ended up going to London and had a vague plan to see London Bridge (which we managed to fail by coming out of the station and turning the wrong way - whoops), the London Eye (which we did see and even go on) and the IMAX cinema which we failed to see because we missed the first five minutes of the start and it seemed like a bit of a waste. Oh, and shopping which we didn't manage to do either.

Well, instead we had a nice chinese and I introduced kissycat1000 to Crispy Aromatic Duck which of course she loved as I knew she would. She even mastered chopsticks amongst a lot of giggling.

Then we went through Soho, because she hadn't seen it. I must admit I'd not really been through it properly myself. I even turned out to be the one to turn down her suggestion of going to a peep show because I hadn't thought about it beforehand. Sounds stupid I know but it's not exactly in line with my principles and made me feel rather odd. Quite happy to go into fetish clubs but a peep show? Hmm. I suspect I'll be fine if I've had a chance to think about it beforehand. Autistic? Me? Never.

After the disappointment of missing the shops for some extras for my camera and missing the IMAX showing kissycat1000 wanted to see we decided that rather than stay in London with cryx or get a room we'd just head back to Cheltenham and spend the night in one of our houses (ooh sounds like we're dead rich or something) and have a lie-in in the morning (bliss). Nice showers, a full cooked breakfast later and we were.. dead tired. Ah well; we made our way down to Bristol (after discovering the Bristol IMAX wasn't showing anything interesting ever) and failed again to visit another shop for board games etc we went to chocojon's for general sociableness.

I geeked with my camera and discovered that it has very little in the way of remote control functionality from a computer - well it does have the ability to take a picture which I suppose was my main wish (so that my pressing the button physically on the camera doesn't disturb the shot I am attempting to take). But anyway. Perhaps there will be a version of the third party software available for the Coolpix 900 that will work for the 5400...

Still, I was quite happy with the shots I took on Saturday, a few of which are under the cut:

It's really..



..Big. (So big I couldn't even fit the whole of it in with my 28mm lens..)

And the views were spectacular. You can just about make out the curvature of the earth (unless that's the distortion from the wide-angle lens)

This of course made me think of gerald_duck :)

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