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Lazy/busy whatever... ;)

Call it what you like but I'm going to do my usual trick and refer you to some friends' posts of the events of the previous few days.. mostly because I'm lazy, somewhat 'cause I'm at (work) and supposed to be busy, and also because it's almost kinda pointless repeating stuff that's already in there. So go and read kissycat1000's and purrthecat's posts.

I had a fabbo time, got to meet purrthecat for the first time and got on really well ("La!" - to steal a phrase from cryx). Spent more time in kissycat1000's company than I've ever done before - I could almost relax and not feel rushed into enjoying her company as much as the situation usually demands, which was very nice.

Tianna, kissycat1000's daughter, is a little flirt. I don't know WHERE she gets it from ;)

We played a board-game version of Dungeons & Dragons, which was very like Hero Quest. I was glad to spend more time in Rob's company enjoying things we have in common.. hopefully once I got to grips with the simplified rules I managed to make the game fun for everyone; there's been talk (well mostly by me) of setting up a PBEM (Play By E-Mail) game as this will allow whoever wants to to enjoy actually playing their character more. It's more like writing a book from one person's point of view and having the stories collated and the results published to everyone. Should be great fun if it ever comes together, but again another drain on my already sparse time. There's just not enough hours in the day/night. I need another lifetime!!

Yesterday I got woken up early (before 9am) by goddesssnoweh coming in and asking me if I'd like to go to the cinema where she works after she finishes to watch Blade 2 with Andy and some of her work mates which I agreed to, and telling me that her ex-husband scoff would be round any time soon with their two kids, Daniel and Andrew. She walked out the door and the doorbell went, lol!

Spent the morning sorting out computers again *sigh*. Trying to set up a domain on a new server and all the associated problems that go with that. Got called by first goddesssnoweh asking for a lift as due to a miscommunication hers had left without her, then immediately by kissycat1000 asking if I'd come online, lol! So, taking eze with me and running around after goddesssnoweh, eze and I grabbed some stuff from the shop and went home.

Got dragged into a conversation with kissycat1000, dylan and bex_sgs which was fun but I wasn't in the mood for it unfortunately and left rather abruptly :/

Spent the rest of the afternoon playing one of the new games eze had downloaded - Dungeon Siege. Fantastic.. like Diablo 2 but proper 3D and done really well. Burney turned up, then Jon and Kt came home from their juggling convention in London. Burney, eze and I went off to see the film, which was pretty good but we had to sit right at the front as it was packed out, so we left with cricks in our necks and backs.

Got home and made my apologies to kissycat1000, went to bed.

I've got to work this morning.. no direction as yet but it's time to go over to Orange so I'll see what's what.

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