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GOOD Friday :)


I'm in a GOOD mood :) kissycat1000's just been to see me.. that's always enough to brighten my week ;) But it's sunny, I have 4 days off, all is well with the world and I have good music playing :)

YAY! Just had a fabbo idea... it's BBQ weather :) Hope it's still like this tomorrow :) Might be a little tricky but we'll see...

Got the house to myself.. nice and peaceful for once. It was like that when kissycat1000 arrived yesterday (actually goddesssnoweh and eze were sleeping), which was quite bizarre for a change and also very nice :)

Well what's happened since the last post on Tuesday? Not a lot.. work's been kinda dull and boring, apart from Wednesday morning when I had to go into town and fix some problems with some libraries.. I was hero of the moment, which was quite gratifying, and quite a personal achievement as I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to fix the problems.

Right well I'm off to muck around with PCs... not the best thing to be doing on the first day of your holidays when it's sunny but ah well ;)

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