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I am finding I have no time to read or update this any more. My paid account runs out probably tomorrow and I'm seriously contemplating whether I need to renew it. I know I'm going through a.. well.. selfish phase but I'm building my new life, with new friends and whatnot. It all takes time. Plus I'm finding I want/need a lot of time to myself at present as well. Not sure what that's all about.

Oh, and I have no strength in my hands at present. Not sure what that's about either.

Other than that, I'm still thoroughly enjoying my new job. The atmosphere is lively and the politics are friendly but challenging; these are interesting times this company is going through.

Ack, it's probably just a phase. But beeby had to email me to check something wasn't seriously wrong as I hadn't updated for 9 days..

Meanwhile, I shall get back to skimming posts.

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