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Productive day :)

Today has been good so far. After a shakey start kissycat1000, Tianna and I all went into first McDonalds for breakfast (some things have to be done) and then back via B&Q. I bought bits to make stands or small tables for my homebuilt speakers and assembled them with Tianna's help. They are good! Except of course as kissycat1000 found out and dylan already knows the speakers sound really harsh at the moment. More on that later.

Miracle of miracles, it would appear my laptop keyboard seems to have slowly returned to almost 100% functionality - what a relief! This helped with all our moods :)

Put the washing on, back into town. This time I actually had a fairly successful shopping session (that NEVER happens) and I bought a cheap kite for Jordan for his birthday (will have to think of something else as well), a fold-away table for the laptop (to help prevent future drink incidents - should have done this a long while ago).. although I have a feeling it's too tall at the moment. Some modification may be forthcoming! I also got a grill rack to go in my new oven (finally! instead of using the shelf as a make-shift grill rack!)

I've also reinforced my bed (fnaar!), and now have the stands as well as the monitor to spray black. I went to Maplins but couldn't get the right components to upgrade my speakers. More research is necessary I feel.

Also, finally, my Stereo-link is back, so I have nice sound from my HTPC :)

Some more projects for this weekend include fitting kissycat1000's 6x9 speakers into her car. After a cock-up with the CD fitter I set up the in-car CD player so it would work on Wednesday. The appointment has been rescheduled for a couple of week's time.

So the only outstanding irky thing is the continuing problem with the Gyration keyboard for the HTPC cutting out all the time. Not bad!

This is a really self-indulgent post but we've all had a good productive day and I wanted to write about it. It's not often this happens so ner :)

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