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Trip to Nostalgia

This weekend I drove to see my Dad and step mum in Petersfield. In the car I put on my tape of Tori Amos - Under The Pink, followed on the same tape by Prodigy - The Experience (well it worked in my mind). The trip itself was quite nostalgic in that I used to listen to that tape while driving around at the weekends to visit various people.

My Dad and step mum were holding a leaving party; they are selling up and have bought a house in France to renovate and turn into a Bed and Breakfast. At the party were relatives and some old family friends; some of whom I haven't seen properly since I was 10. Chatting away to them was a big blast from the past. One person in particular was very pleased to see what I'd done with my life and we talked about the difficulties facing today's job hunters; his children who I used to play with. I have fond memories of playing in their old house when I was a kid; it's construction was such that you could run around and around the ground floor endlessly, no doubt winding them up.. and the close where they lived had some wonderful cycle paths and other children playing.

After I'd spoken to everyone I realised I didn't have much more to say. I felt uncomfortable hanging around to go to sleep so I decided to drive to my mum's and stay there.

It's been one of those strange weekends and I feel a bit off balance. I've enjoyed my time driving around but I'm also grateful to be back in what is sort of feeling like my place and relaxing. Soon I expect kissycat1000 and Tianna will come charging in and change the dynamic of my mood which is quite reflective and solitary at the moment. When it comes it will be a welcome interruption.

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