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Ha har!

Yes! I am in a good mood because there was a cocky guy in the pub this afternoon. He sauntered up to the pool table when Ric and I eventually managed to finish our game (admittedly we took a long time as we weren't particularly in the mood for it). He pushed in front despite us having a couple of nuggets on the table. He said he'd play winner stays on in his smarmy cocky attitude, so I agreed *grin*.

Apparently throughout the game he was making faces whenever I was taking my shot, but I beat him. Twice. *grin* :)

He flirted with some girls and later on made a comment about me not adhering to his stereotypes. I replied that I wasn't someone to adhere to stereotypes ;)

I wasn't threatened by him, in fact I quite liked him - at least he had personality :) His attitude was alright; he lost graciously despite trying to put me off by telling me it was a pressure shot and that he'd actually 'play properly' in the second game. Aaaaah *smirk*. I took him down a peg or two *grin*.

Well just thought I'd share that all with you and get on with the rest of my day :)

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