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New people!

Well this post is to welcome some new people into our circle:

vixletthepixlet - a friend of bex_sgs who is totally mad.
reverendhatty - a good friend of mine I met through goddesssnoweh.

Welcome you guys :)

Wow.. when was the last proper update I did? Friday? Sheesh... slacking. Well, here's what happened then:

Friday evening
People got stressed about nothing in particular, weird moods abound.

Got up and lazed about having a relaxing morning, called Burney and decided to hook up with him and help him out with his computer (as he is really really clueless when it comes to them). Spent some of the afternoon driving around various places with computer in tow and getting bits and pieces.

Phoned up Ric and asked him to come over for a lazy day of playing games and being vaguely sociable. Ended up fixing Burney's computer for most of the afternoon while Ric amused himself with proper internet access (sorry Ric). In the evening didn't go out for a meal with Ric, Burney, Jon and Kt but stayed behind. Ended up having a chinese thoughtfully provided by goddessnoweh and eze (well okay so I provided the sauce but they cooked it *smile*).

Ric brought me back two litre bottles of beer (one San Miguel and the other Stella Artois - bad move!) and we went off to a housewarming party of one of Jon's friends. It was alright but it took most of the first bottle of beer to find someone interesting to talk to and most of the rest of the second bottle to chat - fairly amusing but somehow unfulfilling. Oh, strangely enough he had done the muppet test as well and came out as SwedishChef, which was bizarre as that was the same one I came out as.

There was a big foam and latex axe there used by live roleplayers which was quite fun and there should be a photograph of that somewhere. I'll try and post it when I get around to grabbing it.

Stayed up until 4am playing a game of Empire Earth with goddesssnoweh and eze which I lost badly. Never build wonders when there are computer players there. They tend to trounce you for it...

Woke up with somewhat of a hangover and stumbled about for a bit. cryx called to arrange meeting up with her, nemy, kissycat1000 and myself for lunch as they were in the area. Finally decided on Cirencester at 2pm, so I txt'd kissycat1000 with the news, which meant she couldn't do her cleaning and get showered and changed before we were due to meet, so she decided to do it later and meet up with me beforehand.

More stumbling around later as I had left myself an hour to get there, forgetting I still needed to get dressed and have a shower before going out. Managed to eventually meet up with kissycat1000 in a car park (ooh how romantic) after getting a little lost, dazed and confused. Damnation I had also forgotten to shave! Ah well.

Had a wonderful time doing not much of anything.. had breakfast in a nice stark cafe which consisted of a bacon and brie toasted bagette and tea/coffee. Wondered around and eventually found a pub with a (round?) pool table.. spent more time playing (but not the game) which was loverly. :) The smokey pub was quite a contrast to the nice clean stark cafe where we sat upstairs.. white wooden walls and bare floorboards, the sun and plenty of windows overlooking the street. Was really quite nice :)

Eventually the lazy (delayed? *grin*) others arrived and we found another pub to actually have lunch in. This one was spacious and comfortable yet modern, and we did sit and have a good gander and talk and catch-up with everything. Many nice compliments were paid and received, which is always nice :)

Dragged ourselves home at the end of a very nice relaxing and fulfilling day.

The others were promising those games we hadn't managed to play on Saturday but when I got back I found them gone, which was just as well as I collapsed and slept in front of the telly, flicking between Titanic and some other drama. They had gone to see Ice Age which I would have liked to have gone and seen.

Aah well.

I should really get on now *grin*

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