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[Geek] Well, it only took me a few years.

I've finally got traffic shaping running on my firewall machine. This is good news for everyone who uses it, basically. It's a basic script but it should allow me interactivity while the server's being used. I'll tweak it / experiment some more when I have time. The reason it works now is I've upgraded the kernel to 2.6.3, the iptables tools to 1.2.9 and fixed everything that needed fixing on Debian woody 3.0 stable. Quite a few things. Including a hairy moment with the /dev filesystem when it basically threw a paddy because the harddisk device didn't appear as it usually did, despite the fact it was mounted OK (culprit = devfsd..).

Other than that I also did the planned hardware upgrades - which went remarkably smoothly. Beast (the fileserver) now has a Celeron 1.2GHz running at 100MHz bus to replace the Pentium-III 733MHz running at 133MHz bus.. which is now in frontier (the firewall), to replace the Celeron 300A running at 66MHz bus. Oh, and I also upped the memory in frontier from 128MB to 320MB. Time for some decent caching and apps!

The geek hardware infrastructure is pretty much where I want it to be for now. Time to get the builders in and sort out the rest of the house and put in wiring..

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