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I've been busy this past week 'working' (if you can call supporting a project handover that) and getting my place sorted. On the Saturday I had a BBQ / DIY fest with stuartl and his son Matthew, kissycat1000 and her children, baloo099, Derek and their two children, ev1ldonut and rik. We managed to gut my master bedroom, but not without incident. I was dog tired afterwards and hardly had any chance to socialise - perhaps trying to BBQ in February is a little over-enthusiastic.. no one wanted to come outside and keep me company ;)

On Sunday we went to the Bristol Sound and Vision show. gerald_duck has given his impressions here, which is where I've also given my impressions in comments..

Today I woke up with a worse sore throat to discover I now have the tonsillitus that was going around. Looks like I overdid it a bit at the weekend then :S

Hopefully that will clear up soon; whotheheckami is planning a trip which looks like it will include us in his itinerary in the latter half of the week :)

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