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Progress :)

Last night I didn't get the early night I really needed and spent ages faffing around getting my internet server set up again and swapping email and dynamic DNS addresses sorted. It is now all working smoothly. Hurrah!

This morning I hummed and harred and faffed about before deciding to have a go at fixing my shower. Bearing in mind that the sum total of my knowledge is that there are taps and pipes, and one is hot and one is cold.. I think it was a fairly brave move. I waited until I got internet access and looked at the website of the shower manufacturer and managed to get a PDF of the installation instructions which were clear enough to give me the confidence to go ahead as it was likely just a blocked filter causing the problems. Sure enough after managing to isolate the hot and cold taps (oops I forgot to check the boiler wasn't about to come on, but I think I was OK as it was not in its timer cycle - bad azekeil) I managed to sort the problem out and after more faffing managed to get the shower back together again and had a shower (just about) before kissycat1000 came around :)

Today so far we've been into town and had some food (Lard Burgers, Cheltenham version!) and done odds and ends - the delivery to the shop of kissycat1000's new tv hadn't come yet so we're back having some tea and coffee before we head out again to sort out a cooker and washing machine for myself (finally!).

Getting there! Hopefully after this weekend I will have all services and mod-cons to be fully independent in my own house :) Then I'll just need to sort out the network (may well start with wireless as I've been wanting to do that for a while anyway) and get the file server beast wired in too.

I do just have to geek a little about the new setup: I now have a lockable full-size external brick-built cupboard which will do perfectly for servers. The cable modem is installed in there (much to the chagrin of the engineer who came around to fit it). I now also have digital TV (for the first time!) which is nice. I almost feel ready to start getting builders around for quotes and advice.

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