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What's your purpose? (meme)

The AnxietyCulture Purpose meme:

This technique allows you to identify your purpose by bypassing the conditioned thought associations relating to ‘permission’ and ‘disapproval’ syndromes:
  1. Identify what you like about yourself.
    Warm, open, friendly, happy.
  2. Identify how you most like spending your time.
    Having fun with friends, playing games.
  3. Imagine your idea of a perfect world.
    The perfect world? Good lord. It's been so long since I thought about it that I don't think I've really got an idea any more. Still, it would probably be somewhat like this except everyone would feel 10 times the pain they cause others, whether through action or inaction. The world would become a much nicer place quite quickly.. leaders of countries would die instantly for example. Heh.

Your purpose is what links these three things together. In other words, it is the way you can use your favourite characteristics, abilities and attributes in activities you like best, to manifest your vision of a perfect world. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this technique.

Being happy then? My purpose is to be happy and make others happy. Right. Well I sort of already knew that :)

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