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The Party

LJ-note: This entry will be continually edited as I remember things / have things remembered for me :S and generally add bits to this post. Check back after a while!

Ugh. I'm sat at kissycat1000's waiting to receive the kids while she and ev1ldonut are at mine. kissycat1000 is not feeling well enough to move (combination stonking hangover and illness) while I am not feeling too bad (relatively).

The party was a resounding success! People arrived in dribs and drabs after about 4pm, with a whole load of people arriving at about 6:30pm - I'd been drinking for a while by this point and announced my unimpressedness to the street at volume in no uncertain terms that they weren't all allowed to arrive at once because it made introductions a nightmare.. :S

A BBQ was had courtesy of stuartl, music from MP3s and some CDs prepared by kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut (stonking stuff *grins*). Concrete houses are just the best for hifi :). Lots of drinks, lots of flirting, more drinks, cleavage, gropage, people piles, slippers of power (well it was MY housewarming and I was going to be comfortable dammit!), drinks being spilled down cleavages and numerous volunteers to 'clean up' afterwards. Lots of people got on very well with lots of other people *grin*. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures soon - enough got taken! There was juggling with dennyd, rik and chocojon - mesmerised is not the word!

Amazingly enough the place stayed untrashed to remarkable tolerances. The place is now clean and tidy thanks once again to the efforts of gardenpixie, daemongirl, blaadyblah and gashinryu. There was one unfortunate incident later on, actually after I'd gone to bed at about 4am (12 hours of solid partying!), which put a dampner on people's evenings.

I should mention that before the party I was running around with the carpet in the main room up trying frantically to dry the remaining smell of dog piss from the carpet and get the place prepared for a party with the help of gardenpixie and daemongirl..

Lots of wonderful people there (in no particular order): dylan, ghostpaw, tacohell, robinbloke, zeke_hubris, whotheheckami, ev1ldonut, kissycat1000, juresa, sarah_mum, gerald_duck, rik, dennyd, sacha37, jikatal, stuartl, lazrus_armagedn, blaadyblah, gashinryu, air_bizkit, goddesssnoweh, shinjiwolf, sebastian_lux, the_mendicant, daemongirl, gardenpixie, chocojon, fiendster, juresa, burneybannerman, baloo099 and Derek, Rob, James, Pete and Graham. Apologies to any I've missed out. I must say I'm glad to have met lazrus_armagedn, gerald_duck and shinjiwolf. And fiendster even gave me a mountain bike he's pieced together for me with his own hands! Thank you SO much for that!

Even more amazingly both neighbours are still talking to me! One lot even gave me a moving in card :) Once again I say 'rar' for concrete houses - their noise-dampening ability is not to be overlooked, considering the party went on until 7am..

To all the people who didn't or couldn't make it - you missed a corker! Hope you can make it to the next party!

METAPARTYENTRY: Leave a comment if you've written an entry and I'll list it here!

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