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Pram - toys = me...


Bah - Don't ask me why but I'm in a bad mood. Don't mean to be, but even getting to bed early last night didn't help as I had a fitful sleep. I was alright last night until goddesssnoweh, eze and I asked Jon for his digital camera, when he turned round and had a go at us about the amount of money we owed. I think that started the bad mood off, but after that the rest of it was pretty much my own doing, throwing my toys out of the pram and being generally obnoxious.

I like to try and keep things down to a minimum. I was already a little stressed because I'd only just worked out that the reason I had no money wasn't because I was being frivolous, but because I had already paid out nearly 400 quid in back-dated bills (due to the car/bike incidents over christmas) earlier that month and another 330 odd in new car insurance, and another 200 quid of bills had appeared and I STILL have no money. Bah.

So anyway I chatted to Jon about these things and the way he approaches them - he tends to bottle it up, which does him no good, and then snap at us, which does us no good.

Anyway, the reason we wanted to borrow the camera was because eze was trying on goddesssnoweh's t-shirt in an effort to prove that it was his originally as he had claimed. It looked, erm, rather amusing on him and we wanted to get a picture of it to commemorate ;)

Also I had been holding off posting until I was able to get the pictures from the party I went to on Saturday night from Jon's camera, and also 'cause I've been busy as per usual, but I don't know when that's going to happen at present.

And of course in all this I have been nasty and miserable to kissycat1000 which makes me feel about this big -> . <-

So apologies all round are due I think. I must stay off the caffeine too - that coffee does me no good.

Right I'm going to make a more pleasant post with some more pleasant things in it ;)

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