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A Good Night's Sleep

Well, life in the new house has been very strange for me. I'm not used to living by myself; last night was my first night 'alone'. As it happened kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut came around to help me put some awkward bits up in the loft. A conversation was had about how kissycat1000 and I were stressed about how we had no time for all the things we had to do.

It's been rather weird for me being in Cheltenham but not welcome around kissycat1000's from time to time. I suppose this is one of those things I'll have to get used to; it's silly because it's not a change from before, but my mental state of being in Cheltenham or even just driving there makes me think I'm going to see kissycat1000. I guess I realised consciously it would be a change but it's still affected me somewhat subconsciuosly.

Anyway, after they left last night at about 7, I was supposed to be getting on washing up another two box-fulls of crockery that baloo099 had kindly donated, and putting my clothes away. I was so tired though that I decided to go to bed. Just in case I slept through I turned off all the lights and generally prepared for and went to bed. At 7:30pm. Needless to say I slept through, but I actually woke up before my alarm, without a start.


What a difference actually having had enough sleep for once has made. I'm not irritable, I feel able to concentrate on work, I'm cheerful and despite various things that need to get sorted I'm not stressed or worried about them. kissycat1000, I seriously want to look after the kids for you overnight so you can get an uninterrupted and peaceful night's rest. It will do you the world of good, trust me :)

My mother and my sister are coming around tonight with a 3-seater sofa for me. Tomorrow is going to be last minute preparations and then some relaxation I hope :)

Don't forget if you want to come to the party you need to submit your email address to the poll on this post :)

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