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Neighbours informed and invited, hifi being warmed up, services connected.. we are go! This is a once in a lifetime event (mostly because I probably won't have a house to repeat it in after this). Miss At Your Peril.

Right, so this is under my control I need all the LJers who want to come to the party this Saturday to submit their email address here:

Enter your email address to receive my house address:

I will then send out emails BCC'd to people with the address of the house, suggested directions and links to maps.

I must add that there are about the same again coming who aren't on LJ - so possibly up to 50 people. It's not a tiny house (3 bed semi with ideal party layout) but it will be.. fun :)

Now, a few things, for my own sanity and piece (sic) of mind:
  • Anyone bringing unconsumed stuff other than smokables will be ejected. I hope I make myself clear.
  • Bring sleeping stuff!
  • Bring food / booze / money for the same as required - bear in mind I still (currently) only have a microwave and kettle.
  • Bring others if you like!

The list may grow.

God, it hardly seems real any of this. I'm still in denial I think..

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