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Busy busy busy...

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings I have driven up to Cheltenham to see kissycat1000, for swimming and badminton respectively which was fantabulous :). It's a bit late after the event 'cause I've been so busy, so instead of posting my own posts I'm going to take a leaf out of kissycat1000's book - I'm going to lazily refer you to her posts on the events here and here *grin*, also respectively.

I've driven 220 miles altogether on those two days... kissycat1000 is right; (again!) I will have to find a swimming pool local to me.

I ache a lot and I'm tired but I'm in very good spirits - things are going very well. I've managed to do a few bits of paperwork which have been bothering me.. I still have a bit more left to do but it's in hand now.

Nice easy weekend ahead - perhaps I can do some housework, maybe attend to the car and go for a walk to the shops if the sun is out - just enjoy some simple pleasures :)

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