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Phew, what a tiring but stonkingly good weekend, as always when we go to visit whotheheckami and the_mendicant! Well, I would say that with the amount of attention I received *grins*. I had people falling over themselves and even fighting with each other to play with my... hair! (well, mostly..)

Just the right amount of the right vices and amazingly suitable music which just happened to be lying around on my laptop *grin*. Even more looking forwards to my housewarming as gardenpixie might be coming as well now and she's promised to geek music and hifi with kissycat1000, which I will hopefully get to gatecrash for a couple of hours or so :)

Before that on the Friday night was Judder, where lots of people turned up, some in big swanky limos as well! Judder was a good night, got to meet yet more London people :)

I believe I'm being treated to Resident Evil tonight in the company of my gorgeous girlie kissycat1000. I have this funny feeling I'll be asleep before it's finishe..ZZzzzzz..

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