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So, what's been happening in my life over the last couple of days?

  • Charge up bike.
  • Get into work early for the meetings I got into work early on Monday but were cancelled.
  • Discover that the person representing the area driving the second of my two projects - who has been very avoidant (for 3 months) because he is so 'busy' - had discovered at Christmas that we'll be using a new product which basically eclipses what I was trying to achieve in my project. This he announces in the meeting he is literally dragged into to do the final review of the requirements, despite having no input from him or his team on what they want the software they have requested to do! Incredible!
  • Subsequently take my long-suffering project manager to lunch in the pub to calm his jangled nerves. *Pint*.
  • Still no news from the seller of the house.
  • Make and go in for an eye appointment and put a deposit down on new lenses for my glasses, after getting authorisation for a discount from work. And go home early *grins*
  • Get on all biking gear, go out and attempt to disarm bike's alarm. Nothing. Seems the battery has died anyway. Bugger.
  • Get in the car and drive to work, going the wrong way to start with. End up in 1 hour traffic jam. Bugger.
  • Hear on the radio it will be raining later. Decide perhaps it's not such a bad thing I'm in the car.

I wonder what else today has in store for me?

[UPDATE:] I got an answerphone message from the estate agent to let me know the seller has just come back from Thailand. He's going to call her this afternoon to discuss further. Hmm, I suppose this means I'll know soon enough, which means I'm now officially allowed to stress about it again *sigh*.

[UPDATE2:] I've just had another call from the estate agent. It seems he's talked to her and she sounded positive; she's got to talk to her (ex?) husband about it.. but OMG! This will be so good if it works out! Argh, must not get hopes up.

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