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This is really beginning to get me down. At first I was OK with it, but now it's just dragging unnecessarily. The estate agent has been unable to get hold of the seller to even communicate my desire for a reduction in price, let alone extract a response and get back to me. And now I can't appear to get hold of even the estate agent! Argh! I'm very tempted to tell the estate agent when I get hold of him that I'm going to go over there myself this evening and talk to the seller in person. At least then something will happen.

Okay, that's enough of that. Good luck to ev1ldonut who should hopefully have finished his aptitude test and be waiting for the second part at 1pm this afternoon. Hope it's all going smoothly!

Meanwhile, the two meetings I tried to rush in for this morning ended up both being cancelled, but not before my PM and I ran around like headless chickens as we were both late due to bad weather and traffic (and timing/route decision on my part [note to self: must remember I'm in a car, not on a bike..]).

So now I've got to get this design document kicked off, another task I'm trying to avoid with little success. Life just seems to be full of unpleasentnesses at the moment, although I have been trying to escape really hard..

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