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Now what?

Just bought a '94 (M reg) white Mondeo diesel hatchback with 136k on the clock for £750 with 10 months MOT. Seems in reasonable shape; time will tell if it was a reasonable investment. Thanks to dylan for once again being the 'check-it-out' guy.

I got back to Bristol yesterday after being away from the house since before Christmas. It felt odd; in my mind I've already moved to Cheltenham. But coming back this morning it feels almost back to my normal (limbo) type state, which at least I'm comfortable with.

Going to be picking up a sofa bed kindly donated by a friend of a friend's mum and stored at kissycat1000's. Need to work out what bits I need and where they're going to come from. Worried a bit about money then rememebered my 2k overdraft. So I'll be able to get all my white goods and do/get urgent bits and pieces without major problems, which is nice :)

Now I just want it all to have happened rather than waiting for these last few formalities and bits and pieces to be sorted out. May well be going to uberredfraggle's party later on, as dylan and chocojon amongst others will be going :)

Right, I think I'm going to drive to the shops and get some food *grins*

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