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Long time no.. entry? ooer...

It's been a whirlwind of work and social events recently that has lead to a lack of postings. I've been trying to keep up with everyone on here but sometimes it all gets too much.. especially when purrthecat suddenly decides to post loads of mega-thought-provoking-epics!! *grin*. I promise I will get up to date on all the posts soon enough - tonight hopefully.

I'm able to post something now due to things calming down a bit thankfully. I will be posting lots of things soon, but in the mean time here are some photos of Jon my flatmate and landlord's 27th birthday:

This happened on Tuesday night when we went to a pub in the centre of Bristol called Cornucobia which sells real ales. It's very small and seemingly has a select bunch of locals. We managed to kill the conversation when the small group of us first managed to find our way down to the end of the bar where there was space for us to stand huddled close together and in each other's way...

Here are some pictures of the more prominent people around that night so you know some of the people I socialise with ;)

Bernie looking gormless. This is his normal appearance and attitude, despite the fact he is actually a brilliant conversationalist - quick witted and with a huge vocabulary and ways of putting things that just crack me up ;) Shame he seems to waste most of it on really REALLY crap jokes.. even worse than mine sometimes!

This is Jon, looking very evil. He is my landlord and flatmate, and 27 now.

He also appears to enjoy a bit of pub wrestling. He can take you all on...

Here is Kt, his erstwhile and much vaunted girlfriend, who is being very photogenic here and modelling Bernie's tie, which she earlier removed in a fit of being-kt-ness. If you look closely, you can even see the Bernie creature and my co-worker Ric in the background...

Now here's something you don't see every day - yours truly with a look of concentration on his face. This might be because trying to concentrate on playing Jenga while someone is taking a flash-photograph of you after several pints of real ale is quite tricky...

Here is me again (I know - the modesty!), drinking the aforementioned ale. It's not a wine glass, okay? They gave me it with the ale. They did!

Some random juggler friends, Rachel (sp?) and Tim. Notice the anti-airport device attached to the female subject's tongue...

More drinking was proposed, but this time Tash was timing the whole incident, with a puzzled Richard looking on.

And here we have his royal hairiness, or Tarim as he's otherwise known. This was before the delectable Tash managed to knock the table they were sitting at and spill his pint over him..

whereupon he looked more like this.

That's it for now.. more later ;)

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