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I had my first day of jury service today. I was quite amused at the first t-shirt I picked out to wear - (written sideways) "If found please return to the bar and place in an upright position" *grins*

So I wore it.. under my jumper :)

Got called up twice - but both times I was one of the four not picked (at random) to actually make up the bench. Got released at 3pm and told to call tomorrow at 3-4pm to see if I'm needed for Wednesday. I should go into work but I'm feeling run down like kissycat1000 so I will just notify work I'm feeling ill.

Headed up to kissycat1000's via Fortress Geek to pick up my laptop because I had a viewing on a 3 bed semi at 6:30pm that evening.

Viewing went well. I've offered £7,500 less than the asking price; £2,500 less than what the agent said the buyer was prepared to take. I think I'm in a strong position as the house has been on the market for 4 months, I have no chain. I'll need the 'spare' money to update the place.

Last thing was that kissycat1000's daughter has misbehaved again in a bad way. Tears, frustration and upset were the order of the evening. Ironic, but also useful that I'm doing jury service at present. Hopefully we've put the Fear into her and I hope she realises she needs to change for the better, for everyone's sake. An ongoing thing.

Behind with LJ - feel free to point me to important stuff.

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