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The weekend

I don't really feel like writing this - not because it's bad, but just because I don't feel like it. Hope I'm not getting bored with writing the journal. I have a feeling it's just because I'm tired and really don't feel like doing much to be honest.

[Update: Actually now I've started writing it I've got into it again *grin*]

But anyway:

Went to see Doreen Doreen with a bunch of poeple from Orange. It was a fantastic night :) To make up for my crapness the night before when I didn't walk at all, I walked both all the way there and all the way back. I think that's about four miles or so in total, plus of course all the dancing while I was there. I, uh, also headbanged, so my neck was really sore the rest of the weekend :/. So, to make a few people jealous, especially kissycat1000 (amongst others), here are a couple of pics of Trudi, my boss at Orange, who was there along with the others:


She's just got back from 6 weeks snowboarding in France and was dressed in some hipster jeans with the belt loops removed, and a little woollen top *grin*.

Doreen Doreen were great - I knew all the songs as well *embarrased look*. All the band members were dressed in full 70's regalia, including one bloke who was dressed in a golden velvet catsuit and spikey golden codpiece! The lead singer was dressed up somewhat like a large Elvis with a white silk blouse and cape. On the back of her cape was enscribed "fourty-six DD" LOL! The fleece is a gay club I later found out - it does loads of gigs and so forth - seems like a great place ;)

Oh, and I had a fair bit to drink while I was there. Most of us were at the front, and I got mentioned by the lead singer because my hair hadn't gone really greasy from headbanging (um?). I think I was the person with the longest hair in there - girls included *grin*. Anyway, Splodge (Trudi's bloke) decided it would be great fun to roll up my t-shirt and flash the band... much to their amusement! The lead singer did the same later and plucked her asthma inhaler out from her cleavage where it had obviously been hiding for the whole performance ;)

All this exercise left me feeling achey the next day, both my hips (from me walking fair distances in those crap boots) and my neck, and my ears are still ringing now a little from the music. Too much drink also didn't help. Didn't have a hangover but felt decidedly the worse for wear.

I eventually dragged myself out of bed and missed the call from one of the roleplayers for when I was supposed to be picking him up from the station.. got on my clothes and went over to get him feeling somewhat guilty. Went back via Burney's and picked him up too and got back and tidied up the kitchen and rearranged the breakfast room in preparation for the hordes ;)

Had roleplaying which was fun, despite the new characters and adventure while Becky's (no no not bex_sgs) away and the fact it took AGES for us to get anywhere.. ah well.

kissycat1000 arrived which was great - hadn't seen her properly for a good while. Went out with Burney and her for the meal which she describes well on her post.

Woke up, messed around.. I feel happy with things at the moment, which is good :) Saw off kissycat1000 and eventually dragged myself out to the shops to get food. Had a beer as well and fell fast asleep for the rest of the day from about 4 until about 9. Ah well. Hope I don't suffer at work tomorrow.

I've got some paperwork to sort out, including writing the insurance company another snotty letter *sigh*. Hope to get that all out of the way so I can enjoy the week.

Feeling quite adventurous and geeky and am looking at setting up a linux box from scratch, as in not using a mainstream distribution and adding bits as I get to know them. Hopefully a great way to get to know everthing inside out :) Something to keep me out of mischief anyway.

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