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My lucid dream this morning

I can't remember where it started, but I'll try and set the scene. I'm in some kind of big old building, maybe some sort of school building? That's not terribly important. goddesssnoweh is there, and she's intrinsically linked to my laptop, kind of like the ship's computer in Andromeda, if you've ever seen it. Although she's actually human and linked, rather than a computer creation.

Anyway, I was sitting there thinking about teleportation, and wondered why no one had managed to succeed in creating a device that would achieve this. I asked goddesssnoweh to teleport some peanuts from my desk to the table. This she did, and we were rather startled to see them disappear and reappear instantaneously on the table. However, they were fused, steaming and crackling. But teleportation had happened!

So I asked goddesssnoweh to try teleporting a slice of bread from inside a plastic-wrapped bread bag onto the table, but make sure that it was not 'cooked'. This she did, but there was a little glitch in that instead of reproducing the bread bag, she ended up reproducing the laptop, closed, with the slice of bread between the screen and keyboard. Somehow she'd got confused between the bread-bag and the plastic coating on the screen.

We went upstairs to the room she and demothesis were setting up together. They had some strange wooden and scaffolding beds that needed putting together. I helped while I tried to excitedly explain to demothesis what had happened and what this meant, including all the implications such as half of the world's business had just become redundant, but there were now massive security implications. goddesssnoweh was flagging and leaning against a wall. I was about to ask why when I realised that she was linked to the laptop. I realised that it must take energy to teleport matter, so asked her where the energy came from to perform the teleportation. She replied that it came from the laptop's battery. Aaah, that all made sense - no wonder she was tired. I went to plug the laptop in and asked her to work on optimising the procedure for energy efficiency.

I thought about the ramifications of teleporting a live animal, and the potential impact it could have on human thinking. Would the successful teleportation of an animal or human being prove the non-existence of the human soul; that the only things that made up a being were the atoms that consisted it? I realised I'd have to test first on a small animal, monitoring it carefully for vital signs and brain activity.

We went outside, possibly into some sort of large tent or marquee on a field. I was talking to some people about my new discovery and they didn't believe me. I decided to take a risk and teleported myself outside into the field. It worked.

We decided to go somewhere, probably to take my idea to someone who could refine and produce it. We went into the yard. We got into our respective vehicles - demothesis into the Pussy Wagon (straight out of Kill Bill which I saw the other night) and I got into the escort with crummy brakes which didn't work very well while going backwards (don't ask me, it's a dream OK?). However, there seemed to be a number of articulated lorries scattered around the yard, one blocking the gates that were the only exit to the yard. Their back doors were open and there was a lot of stuff in all of them. There were also a few (fit) burly men about to unload the lorries - but not by forklift. By hand. This was going to take a while.

However, a disagreement seemed to have broken out between some of the unloaders. They started hitting each other with oversized wrenches and eventually the individual fight between the two largest and most well muscled men ended with one sickening crunch as the wrench went into the side of the other's head (Kill Bill influence anyone?).

I think I woke up after that.

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