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An entry from the tail end of the party

Just to record everyone's names:

azekeil, kissycat1000, ev1ldonut, cryx, majic13, barty, doris, inskauldrak, lark_ascending, kimkali, winterdreamer, kesrae, demothesis, satyrica, ebq, thankyoukindly, adze, reindeerflotila, zapruder, astebe7, azrayus, anysbryd, wraithwitch, mpinna, and [WINOLJ]: ThePunkAss (now the_punkass), Dave, Nicol, Tom, Hugh, Maggie, Leanne, Colin, Yermaw.TK

If there's anyone been left out then leave a comment and I'll add them in :)

UPDATE: If you've written an entry or posted some photographs, leave a comment and I'll add it to the entry. This will become the meta-entry for the party :)

URLs thus far (pictures noted in brackets):

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