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Curried away..?

I had a fair bit to drink last night but I seem to be none the worse for wear for it this morning thankfully. Although that curry is wreaking it's revenge on myself and all my colleagues.. lol! I had to have breakfast this morning I was so hungry! Shock horror.

And of course I paved my road to hell with good intentions last night. I was going to walk in to the pub where the leaving do was but it was raining and wet so I got eze to drive me there in my car - he wanted to go shopping in it so that was the condition of letting him borrow it *grin*.

Much hilarity at the gifts that had been bought for Gary - a rubber chicken, a pig on a keyring that produces foul stuff out of its backside when squeezed, a drinker's hat with straws and a football signed by all of us (he's a bit of a football nut).

On the way out I decided I should walk home to make up for not walking in earlier and to work off some of the booze I'd drunk. 50 yards later down the road saw me in the chippy getting the late night chip munchies and a quick taxi cab hail and ride later and I was home. Oh well, so much for good intentions *grin*.

Got back in and had a great upbeat chat with kissycat1000, the upshot of which is that she might be able to make it over this weekend which will be fantastic - we were both in such good moods! I know I'd had a fair bit to drink but I don't think that was the reason ;)

The roleplayers are coming round to our house so they may well still be there if/when kissycat1000 arrives.. so that should be interesting ;)

Going out again tonight to see Doreen Doreen (a Duran Duran take-off band) with a load of colleagues from Orange - should be a scream; I'm looking forwards to it.

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